Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Erin Eiras selected among top 100 Top Female Advisiors to attend Leadership Conference

One hundred of the LPL Financial Top Female Advisors were selected to participate in the Women Advisor Leaders Forum, held in Amelia Island, Florida at the Omni Resort. The Women Advisors Leaders Forum is dedicated to LPL Women Advisors by "invitation only" and focuses on building and empowering the top women advisors in our industry. The goal for the forum is to enhance the overall experience of LPL's top women advisors by creating a powerful community of women FA's with dynamic speakers, targeted breakouts, and innovative networking events, the forum offers advisors the opportunity to share actionable ideas with peers, hear industry and motivational speakers, and receive insights from product partners.

Of households with more than $4 million of investable assets, 98% of women are the sole or joint decision makers on daily banking, 84% of the female respondents also describe themselves as fully or partially responsible for the family’s investment portfolio.  On the other hand Females who receive an Inheritance state they are, “generally unprepared, uninformed and unsupported” in the experience.
A room with 100 Women Advisors representing 7 Billion in Assets
Under Management...certainly some solid wealth managers from around
the nation here for brain storming and quality networking.
Erin D. Eiras has worked in the finance industry since 2001 building a successful and satisfying career helping affluent investors obtain their financial goals. 

Erin chose to become a Wealth Manager and expert financial coach because she enjoys fully engaging with her audience to inspire clients to fulfill their retirement desires. Erin's out of the box style combined with her personal and business acumen adds tremendous credibility to her practice, which organically grows almost exclusively through client referrals. A large percentage of Eiras' clients are professional women.

"As a high net worth client myself and also a women advisor I am uniquely structured for these types of client referrals." says Eiras. 
Margaret Patel, Managing Director and Lead Portfolio Manager at 
Wells Fargo Advisors speaking on the economy, markets 2018 outlook. 


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