Wednesday, November 7, 2012

InVestra Sponsors the Jacksonville Giants

InVestra Financial Services Presents:

2013 Jacksonville Giants Season Sponsor 

Erin D. Eiras, Wealth Manager & Financial Advisor for InVestra Financial Services is proud to Present: 

InVestra Financial and Erin D. Eiras have partnered with the Jacksonville Giants, winners of the 2011 and 2012 ABA National Championships, to offer outstanding family entertainment at affordable prices to the City of Jacksonville and its surrounding areas and to assist in providing a platform for young athletes to succeed in life.

The Jacksonville Giants begin the 2013 Season in December 2012, bringing a fun-filled family environment featuring incredibly exciting basketball at every game.  These games are fast-paced and players are both offensively and defensively motivated. 

Head Coach Kevin Waters and Assistant Coaches David Graham and Jerry Williams have years of basketball experience and consider each game to be a new challenge. Coach Waters states “The team stays humble, and takes each game as a learning experience on how they can improve”.

InVestra Financial is pulling for the home team in Jacksonville and hopes to SEE YOU AT THE GAME!

Erin D. Eiras is proud to commit her own financial resources to present these events to the local community that she serves.  This event is part of Erin’s ongoing effort to develop her deep roots in the Jacksonville cultural and societal landscape, demonstrating a level of commitment to clients and the community through support of local social interactive events not seen in other area advisors.

If you would like to participate in future social events sponsored by Erin D. Eiras or InVestra Financial Services, please be sure to contact us at (904) 880-7878.


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